If a data breach happens:
be a hero!

Data Breaches can happen to anyone. even with the best precautions. even to you.

UMBRA renders data breaches useless. Even if your data gets stolen, you have nothing to worry about. Your data stays encrypted at any point in time, even after a data breach.

UMBRA's "Guardian Network" technology generates strong user-specific encryption keys with unparalleled decentralized security. All that without changing user-behavior. Your users will thank you.


You save money

with software as a service

Not only is your data as secure as never before, you will even save money with our subscription based SaaS pricing model. No complicated and expensive hardware integration necessary. Instead, you get full price transparency and no cost risks at all.

You can even host your own solution because UMBRA ❤️ open source!




Lightning fast performance

Using our highly scalable service means that your performance and usability will stay at the top level.

The UMBRA Guardian Network silently works in the back-end, ensuring highest front-end performance for your customers. Connect to the Guardian Network through our optimized API. Converting from existing password systems is easy, too.


Stay ahead of the competition

Using UMBRA, you will be the new example for best practice.

UMBRA is a completely new approach to data security. As a spin-off from FAU University, our technology is based on cutting-edge and peer-reviewed science.

While most service providers trust insecure password-hashes, you can rest safe with completely encrypted password databases.


Stay protected by many

by decentralized, trustless guardians

We use a distributed network of computing nodes to secure your user-data. The guardians themselves never learn user passwords or any sensitive information at all. You don't have to trust anyone!

How does it work?

UMBRA uses a distributed network of computing devices called “Guardians” to protect user-data. Customers that deploy our technology can communicate with the Guardian Network to offer strong encryption services for end-users. Keys that are generated with help of the Guardian Network never exist once the user signs out, hence, cannot be stolen or get lost!

4 simple steps

  • Read our documentation that help you get started
  • Book a call with one of our experts
  • Implement our tailor-made solution
  • Stay safe, save costs and relax with UMBRA data protection

Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to common questions:

What is UMBRA's mission?

UMBRA aims to become the protector of sensitive data.

As data breaches will continue or even rise within the next 10 years, UMBRA has a unique opportunity to catch the wave and become the data security world's leading data breach protection service provider.

What differentiates UMBRA from the competition and other security solutions?

While other protection mechanisms try their best to protect systems "from the outside" with firewalls, intrusion detection and malware detection, UMBRA protects your business where it actually matters: on a data level.

In contrast to traditional encryption, our technology decrypts data on the fly when the user is logged in and stays encrypted while the user is logged out. No custodial decryption key is stored on server side!

This means that neither UMBRA, nor the server can read your data. Users fully control their own data!

How does our encryption work?

We derive a user-specific key based on the login credentials of a user joint with a distributed Guardian Network. We then use that key to encrypt data with that key. The distributed multiparted key derivation algorithm makes sure that even in case of a data breach the data cannot be decrypted without the specific username and password and cannot be broken by a bruteforce attack.

What makes it impossible to break?

To derive a key, one or multiple guardians services have to be contacted, these are necessary to recompute the key, but have no knowledge of the data encrypted or the key used. These guardians make sure that every access to the data can be logged and make brute force attacks impossible. This is because for every decryption attempt the guardian(s) have to be contacted and can so detect and block excessive attempts easily.

How does it compare to other encryption algorithms?

Not that much. The derived key can be used with almost every major encryption algorithm, e.g., AES 256. The only difference beeing, that the key will not exist on premise without user interaction (login).

I don’t trust you! Can you read my data?

Absolutely not! The Guardians use zero-knowledge cryptography for password authentication and never learn any sensitive information.
Read our whitepaper to learn more.

Who we are

Meet our small team consisting of former and current scientists from FAU university! We are passionate about bringing state-of-the-art research and science into everyday practice with UMBRA.


Dr. Markus Zoppelt

Operations & Vision 

“The future of every business, asset and commodity will be digital. Join us in our mission to protect sensitive digital information with UMBRA.”


Fritz Schmid

Lead Technology & Product Development

“Personally, I always loved working with the latest-and-greatest technologies. At UMBRA, we deliver high-tech crypto in an easy-to-use solution.”


Dr. Carlos Rabes

Business Design

“Data breaches are the modern day equivalent of burglars entering your home and stealing your most valuable possessions. Let us at UMBRA protect your digital home, easy and simple!”


Prof. Dr. Dominique Schröder

Cryptography Expert

Technology Inventor & Academic Relations

“My research is primarily concerned with the development of cryptographic techniques for protecting security and privacy. UMBRA is my first effort to bring these techniques into real-world practice!"

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